Unique features:

  • Exclusive Psychiatric Hospital run by ‘UK trained Experienced Psychiatric Doctors’.
  • ‘Latest treatments available’ for all Psychiatric disorders by well qualified psychiatrists now working in Chennai.
  • We have a purpose built inpatient unit/ward for patients who are acutely mentally unwell, needing a hospital admission.
  • ‘Team approach’ to help patients and families with mental health disorders.
  • Home ‘Pick up service’ is available for violent, aggressive, suicidal and mentally unwell patients. (Please ring helpline numbers)
  • Our service involves assessment, treatment (short term and long term) and rehabilitation of mental health disorders.
  • ‘Insurance facilities’ are available for eligible people.(CM scheme and empanellment with private insurance companies)
  • Flexible and Affordable tariff for all.

Services available:

  • Outpatients’ clinic for all psychiatric disorders
  • Acute admissions unit for severely ill psychiatric patients
  • Inpatient service for violent and suicidal patients
  • Alcohol and drug de-addiction.
  • Dementia care unit for older people with memory loss.
  • Long-term rehabilitation unit.
  • Child therapy centre for childhood and teenage problems.
  • Counselling, CBT and family therapy.
  • Telepsychiatry consultation via internet.

The person coming to our hospital will be assured of the best care and treatment in this part of the country at an affordable cost.

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First of all, I owe a million thanks to Dr. Mythili for her fantastic service and consultation so far. Few months back, my immediate relative was heavily depressed and was in a very pathetic state. She even hated to meet any psychiatrists or take any medicenes. It was the toughest time for our family. But, Read more →