Unique features:

  • Exclusive Psychiatric Hospital run by ‘UK trained Experienced Psychiatric Doctors’.
  • ‘Latest treatments available’ for all Psychiatric disorders by well qualified psychiatrists now working in Chennai.
  • We have a purpose built inpatient unit/ward for patients who are acutely mentally unwell, needing a hospital admission.
  • ‘Team approach’ to help patients and families with mental health disorders.
  • Home ‘Pick up service’ is available for violent, aggressive, suicidal and mentally unwell patients. (Please ring helpline numbers
    89398 59805, 89397 29999)
  • Our service involves assessment, treatment (short term and long term) and rehabilitation of mental health disorders.
  • ‘Insurance facilities’ are available for eligible people.(CM scheme and empanellment with private insurance companies)
  • Flexible and Affordable tariff for all.

Services available:

  • Outpatients’ clinic for all psychiatric disorders
  • Acute admissions unit for severely ill psychiatric patients
  • Inpatient service for violent and suicidal patients
  • Alcohol and drug de-addiction.
  • Dementia care unit for older people with memory loss.
  • Long-term rehabilitation unit.
  • Child therapy centre for childhood and teenage problems.
  • Counselling, CBT and family therapy.
  • Telepsychiatry consultation via internet.

The person coming to our hospital will be assured of the best care and treatment in this part of the country at an affordable cost.

  • What is Mental illness?

    Hello Everyone, Dr. Sree Prathap talks about what mental illness is and the way it could present when someone is affected. He also discussed when Psychiatric consultation would be required. (English Version) Thanks for watching.Read more →

First of all, I owe a million thanks to Dr. Mythili for her fantastic service and consultation so far. Few months back, my immediate relative was heavily depressed and was in a very pathetic state. She even hated to meet any psychiatrists or take any medicenes. It was the toughest time for our family. But, Read more →



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