Clinic for Children & Adults with Mental retardation (Intellectual Disability)

People with mental retardation usually have lower IQ (Intelligence quotient) than their peers. They have global learning difficulties and are disabled. Some may have specific learning difficulties like dyslexia and mislabelled as mentally retarded.

Our assessment process involves a structured approach. This involves identifying the cause of mental retardation, assess the level of intellectual impairment, assess physical, mental and communication difficulties, assess their level of disabilities and offer advice & support. We also offer the following services;

  • Advice regarding special education and schooling for the person
  • Offer Family education and counselling
  • Management of psychiatric disorders and challenging behaviour with both medical and non medical approaches
  • Physical and mental health monitoring of patients who are on medications
  • Input from other team members like Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Speech & language therapist etc
  • Advice regarding need for specialised environments like a residential unit for the mentally retarded etc.
  • Linking them with social workers and various organisations for further support
  • Run parental support groups

Offer crisis line support for parents and caretakers of residential homes in difficult situations.

  • For assessment of complex problems- severe challenging behaviour & Psychiatric symptoms requiring treatment and close monitoring.
  • Respite admission to offer some relief to families providing intensive long term care.
  • Crisis admission due to sudden breakdown of usual supports.

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