Memory Clinic (Memory assessment service)


  • Dementia affects 1% of adult population, 5% of people over the age of 65 (1 in 20 people) and 20-25% of people over the age of 80. As the population is ageing, there are more elderly people than ever who suffer from memory loss symptoms, who require a formal assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Our outpatient Memory clinics are run by Doctors and Psychologist. The treatment involves medication, psychoeducation and discussing memory enhancement strategies with patients and carers.
  • We involve other allied healthcare professionals, like physiotherapists and occupational therapist to help promote independence and minimise risks.
  • The list of disorders assessed, identified and managed includes.
  • Age associated memory impairment
  • Mild Cognitive disorder, not dementia yet
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular dementia, due to strokes
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease dementia
  • Fronto temporal dementia
  • Other types of dementia
  • Amnestic disorders (Memory disorders) due to various causes

Inpatient admission/ward:

  • We provide inpatient services for people who have dementia with challenging behaviour, and those who are presenting with high risk to themselves, (e.g. history of wandering, history of self neglect and history of accidental self damage).
  • We admit people who have dementia with challenging behaviour in the form of agitation and aggression, posing risk to others.
  • Inpatient admission service is also available for people with dementia with psychiatric symptoms, which are extremely distressing to themselves and their carers and are struggling to cope.

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