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First of all right hospital and right diagonsis is very important for a patient. The patient has to be fearless and like the Dr. and come out of his self. That can happen only here. Dr.Pratap whom I came across for the first time has really given me confidence, hope and was fearless. He is really a very simple, humble and polite Doctor. Has vast experience.
My experiences with the hospital is divine. Especially Dr.Pratap and his team are really wonderful! No words to describe. The atmosphere and the services provided by his Team are really praiseworthy. The entire medical team and staff of the hospital are very friendly and humble. The diagnosis and the kind of treatment is matchless. I am really proud of this hospital and request those who wants guidance or issues related to smoking, psychiatric or alcohol will definitely be cured and sent home safely. This is more than a hospital. Very pleasant and serene atmosphere. There is solution and cure for all diseases here. If one thinks of hospital think of Shaditya.
Uma Padmanabhan-Chennai

November 14, 2018

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