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My mother was suffering and struggling with acute and intense auditory hallucinations and a general sense of ill health for about four months. I had taken her to two psychiatrists, a diabetologist, a general physician, an orthopedician to investigate and treat her. Unfortunately the investigations did not reveal any particular problem and showed that she is fine. It was then that I personally met with Dr Sree Prathap at Shadithya Hospital, Pallavaram. He listened to me patiently, studied the medical records carefully and proposed a series of steps. My conversation with him clarified my mother's situation, and made me and my family to understand that she needs immediate hospitalisation. We admitted her in Shadithya Hospital within couple of days my meeting with Dr Sree Prathap. The fifteen days stay of my mother made a huge difference to her overall health and specifically to the issue of auditory hallucinations. The medical team led by Dr Sree Prathap took extraordinary care and gave full attention to my mother, and were always available and accessible for any urgent help. The duty doctors, the psychologist and the physiotherapist did their part exceptionally well. The nursing and housekeeping teams plus the canteen administrator also did a commendable job in taking care of my mother. The amenities and facilities are good but my five star rating for the hospital is because of Dr Sree Prathap and his team of doctors and nurses. What I loved about the hospital was the focus on patient care and not (their) bill care. Highly recommended.

November 14, 2018

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