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I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 11years ago and my episode is most of the time Mania which is uncontrollable every time. I visited various doctors in chennai and finally now i found another best doctor who does it as a service with a minimal fees of 300INR and his name is Dr.Prathap who sits at pallavaram shadithya Hospital. I was admitted in this hospital few weeks back prior to that i was treated by some other doctor with 6 Electric shocks with no result. My mania still increased and then finally with lot of difficulty my friend Mr.Srivatsan who is in the medical field found shadithya hospital at night 12 O'clock. I was immediately given first aid and doctor visited early in the morning and I was made under control within a week time. My previous treatment had multiple injection and drips and shock etc..but here i have not given that instead i was cured with tablets. My suggestion is if you are looking for a psychiatric hosipital in chennai shadthiya is one of the best since i have a first hand experience. All the staff there are clearly educated about the patients behavior in advance and the same has been reflected in their work style. They also fully understand the financial difficulty undergone by the patient and the package is given accordingly. I'm now atlast came out of mania Kudos to Dr.Prathap. Regards Srinivasaraghavan.L +91 9962252277

November 14, 2018

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