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First of all, I owe a million thanks to Dr. Mythili for her fantastic service and consultation so far. Few months back, my immediate relative was heavily depressed and was in a very pathetic state. She even hated to meet any psychiatrists or take any medicenes. It was the toughest time for our family. But, Dr. Mythili turned the whole scenario around in the very first meeting. She was so friendly and compassionate. She very patiently and carefully listened to the issues. She made us very relaxed and to much of our surprise, my immediate relative became extremely confident with Dr. Mythili. That’s was a huge achievement for the first meeting. And the most fantastic part of Dr. Mythili’s approach is that she never took her smile away and kept the whole consultation so positive and constructive. From that point onwards, we just saw only one thing – ‘Progress’. Throughout the whole consultation process, she was looking to cure the root cause and never insisted in dozing people off. Her medications worked like a miracle and my immediate relative is making a fantastic progress. Above all, Dr. Mythili is very honest and never demanded us to take the tests at her prescribed labs. An important point to mention about the hospital: it’s maintained so well and it’s very clean. Thank you so much Dr. Mythili. We, as a family, owe you a lot.

PATIENT CARER August 1, 2016

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