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A MANGAI-Chennai

A MANGAI-Chennai

I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense and heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Sree Pradap and his team for giving re-birth to my son who was severely affected by bipolar disorder.

I extend my gratefulness towards him for taking timely action and appropriate care to admit my son, who refused for consultation and admision in the hospital.

I think, my son is lucky to be admitted in this hospital & Dr. Sree Pradp’s guidance, appropriate skills, experience, patience & Medication helping him get back on track with his life & out of his rainy gloomy days.

He stayed in the hospital for 38 days.The over all health especially his spine problem has improved. The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But caring Doctors like Dr. Sree Pradap, Dr.Mythily Pradap and their wonderful team make it friendly and pleasing.

The duty doctors, the psychologists, the nurses and the physiotherapist did their part excellent. I appreciate each and every staff of the hospital for their caring, patience, giving timely medication, homely food & keeping the premises neat & tidy.

I highly recomond the hospital for extra-ordinary care & focus on patient with afferdable fees.