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Emergency Psychiatric Admission(Short Term Care)

  • We have a purpose built ‘inpatient admissions ward’ for people suffering from severe mental health problems, who are acutely unwell.
  • This ward provides a safe and therapeutic environment for assessment, and treatment for a range of mental health disorders
  • We have a special ‘De-escalation Unit’ and ‘high dependency unit’ with trained nursing staff, for people who are presenting with disturbing and challenging behaviour.
  • We have separate rooms for male and female inpatients 
  • These are open wards and allow treatment in the least restrictive manner possible. 
  • These wards are specially built with adequate planning to minimize risks and maximize the safety of the patients who are mentally distressed. 
  • All staffs are trained in risk assessment and management and can deal effectively with patients at risk of self-harm, suicide, agitation & violent behaviour.
  • During their stay, the patients will be involved in meaningful physical and mental activities to offer structure and stimulation throughout the day.

Multidisciplinary Team:


Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Psychologists

Psychiatric Nurses

Social Workers


Occupational Therapist