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Revathy anbazhagan- Malaysia

Revathy anbazhagan- Malaysia

I really don’t know where to start & what to explain as I am out of vocabulary now in sharing my experience 🙂 I’ve really went into a miraculous journey of my life is what I would say to share my experience with Shadithya Hospital and with Respectable Doctor SreePratap Sir. I am a Skype Client for Dr Sir as I cant visit him in Person. I am a Software Engineer by profession as each & every Indian would accept that it is a very very very & many more very Hectic job as you climb up the ladder in my profession. Being in it for more than 14 years almost forgot the Life & got married with work. It just literally dragged(with holding my collar) me to lots of Stress, sleepless nights, brain thinking for 24/7 something or the other most of the time it thinks as if it doesnt belong to me. There was lots of trauma, Stress, impatience, unhappy family, quarrel and what not, almost life is torn apart into unattachable atoms. Then my beloved wife & his brother read about Doctor Sreeprathap Sir & told me to consult him. I first hesitated & thought what a Doctor can do to me, same feeling as most of our educated has. Then finally I was forced to accept. I then took the Skype appointment with Dr. Sir. My God it was like ripping off the fish flesh safely in making sure the fish bones doesnt hurt us, just in synonym to it Dr Sir was talking very calm & composed understanding my issues one by one and explaining the reasons of each of it & talking as if he was a 10 year friend for me & the conversation went even beyond the scheduled appointment. Then Dr Sir listed out the activities(gym,gardening,outdoor games,photography & so many of it) that I need to do in transforming my Mind & Body and the last in the list was Medicine. This is the first time in my entire life of 36 years that I see a Doctor listing out Medicines as last in curing. Dr Sir clearly said that Medicine is only 40% & the rest is entirely on how I follow the activities for my Body & Mind transformation. I just did what Dr Sir said & in the second meeting with him after just a month nearly 80 percent of my listed issues got solved and in the next appointment after 2 months I am more than what I used to be in my past life. Guess what Dr Sir didnt get any fee for this consulation in return of me getting well soon.

An All Is Well life started. Taking things very light & giving importance to only what needs it. Keeping my life busy with Physical activities & games.

All set now for a new life of its own Genre scripted only by me not my Brain or any one else in this world.

Why do we need a Work Life Balance when we see,feel,do & enjoy every part of your life as life itself.

For the second time in my life after my Daughters birth that I feel answered why everybody say Doctor’s are synonym of God’s.

Dr. Sree Prathap, I dont want to Thank you or say anything else as usual, but I can only say I REALLY JUST DONT HAVE ANY WORDS TO THANK YOU 🙂 I can only respond by living a Heartfully Joyous Life instead of a Thank You Sir…

I Strongly recommend Dr Sreeprathap and Shadithya Hospital…