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Stephen Samuel Alex

Stephen Samuel Alex

Not often is a hospital a haven of hope to usher an individual into the comfort of Eternity.

Neither does one expect to find such place on the outskirts of the city.

The hospital is a combination of high professional expertise & touched by kindly compassion.

The warmth of the Drs and the cheerful, youthful nursing staff definitely soothed the tension as we lingered anxiously in the corridors. They greeted our mother each morning as ‘Lily Patti’.

Our dear mother, a former senior Nursing the Port Trust, Chennai,probably intuitively knew that her call was close and personally requested us that she stay on, in the sanitized and personalized care at the hospital. Her demise at the hospital, saw a humane administration that was hardly insistent of the monetary dues (which we were willing to pay immediately)- but ensured that her transit to Chinmaya Nagar was a quiet, beautiful homecoming.

The family is deeply grateful for a memory that we can cherish.