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Feedback for Hospital record

This is Ramnath Narasimhan husband of Dr Sree Prathap’s patient admitted for in house treatment from 30August 2018 to 8 August 2018 under the care of Dr Sree Prathap for the treatment of Paranoid Schizophrenia

My wife had a severe uncontrollable setback that she could not think, perceive and behave normally at times. Distinctly she had also become physically intolerant in her behaviour which troubled the family members. It was at this point in time we had approached Shaditya through my sister-in-law(wife’s sister) and got in touch with the PRO Mr. Mahesh. I recall that the situation was so uncontrollable that despite attending a grand marriage function of a close relative on August 29th, we had to forcibly admit her on the 30th.

AS a husband i had to allow the control to be taken over by the hospital people. Earlier I had looked at the possibility of Athemia, Melancholia, despair as major depression, short temper outbursts, prolonged depression and the general bipolar depression called the manic depression.

My wife expressed sporadically high pressured mood states such as mania or hyper mania alternating with normal or depressed moods. The extent to which a bipolar or unipolar mood phenomenon represented her behavior was not clear. Distinct categories of disorder or mix and merge of the typical mental health syndrome was ruling. The schizo effective disorder schizotypy maladaptive disorder, eccentric schizoid, schizotypal with fear related anxeity with obsessive compulsive adjustment disorder set in. She did not have eating or sleeping disorders such as insomnia or feeling tired despite normal sleep

It more or less looked like asimple mental and emotional stresses which were eating into her. I tried the interplay of energy and intelligence to alter her feelings from time to time. This is when I decided to choose Shadithya hospital care for my wife and benefited from her stay and treatment.

Now I continue reduced dosage intake and see the cure setting in

Would like to thank Dr Sree Prathap and team for the specific course which defintely has shown tremendous progress and cure

After bringing her back home my wife and i found the medicines prescribed for the treatment were putting her to sleep for a good part of the time she was awake. Dr.Sree Pratap reduced the dosages to half and then the result was acceptable. We are sincerely hoping that my wife will become completely alright with no dependency for treating the paranoid schizophrenia through medicines.

I am one hundred percent confident that the dependency / addiction will never emerge